Addressable Geo-Fencing in Madison, WI

Doug Burton of Solvv Creative an advertising agency in Madison, WI says, “We are excited to offer addressable geo-fencing advertising in Madison, WI.” Addressable geo-fencing targets specific households and businesses on a rooftop, parking lot, or neighborhood level with your company’s advertising.

Benefits of Addressable Geo-Fencing Advertising for Small Businesses

  • Hyper-precise targeting of individuals households or businesses.
  • Targeting at a rooftop or parking lot level
  • Highly scalable for larger campaigns such as political.
  • Tens of thousands of addresses can be targeted in one campaign.
  • Ads delivered to devices that have been detected at the addresses, both while they are at the specified addresses and while they are away from them.
  • Conversion Zones can be used with addressable Geo-Fencing campaigns to track uplift in foot traffic to the advertiser’s location.
  • Ability to overlay mobile advertising, direct mail, political, and other types of campaigns.
  • Targeting households that are new prospects, or current customers with upsell, cross-sell, and/or renewal offers.
  • Improves performance of ConnectedTV, direct mail, and other advertising tactics that target households by extending their reach and improving their frequency
  • Targets all individuals at the address on multiple devices.

 Ideal Industries for Addressable Geo-Fencing Advertising

  • Politics – Political Parties, Campaign Awareness
  • Restaurants – Fast Food Restaurants, QSR
  • Healthcare – Dentists, Physicians, Veterinarians
  • Charities – Fundraising, Event Awareness
  • Auto Industry – Car Dealerships, Auto Services
  • Real Estate – Brokers, Agents
  • Financial Services – Banks, Credit Card Companies, Financial Planning

Contact us to discuss how addressable geo-fence advertising campaigns with an actionable call or click goal can target your specific customer base.

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