Customer Matching and Look-Alike Modeling used in Advertising

Solvv Creative is excited to offer customer (CRM) matching and look-alike modeling advertising to our clients. The ability to target specific consumers is now as granular as one-to-one communication across all digital channels. Top brands have started to target customers across search, social and display using rich 1st party CRM data. Solvv Creative offers CRM matching with look-alike modeling to small businesses at an affordable price point.

How is Customer Matching and Look-Alike Modeling used in Advertising

Electronic newsletter campaigns are built around a conversation with a customer, taking them on a journey to engage and drive repeat purchases. That concept is now being applied across all digital touchpoints as matching technology continues to advance. Display ads can be personalized based on recency and frequency of purchase, product affinity, lifetime value, etc. With some creativity (and a solid database), the opportunities are limitless.

CRM Matching Process


Look-Alike Modeling Process


CRM Matching and Look-Alike Modeling Advertising Benefit to Small Business

  • Increase conversions by onboarding your offline customer data and targeting those customers online across all digital channels
  • Expand reach to consumers who have similar attributes to those of your customers through Look-Alike Modeling. This opportunity offers scale beyond CRM Matching by leveraging 1st party data and supplemental 3rd party data to target new prospects.

Finding the right CRM matching partner

Evaluating a CRM matching partner is important to ensure your successful campaign. You should ask questions about data security, data storage, retention, and anonymization. In the event, a security breach occurs, understand the liability of your company and your media partner.

Contact us to discuss how customer matching and look-alike modeling advertising campaigns with an actionable call or click goal can target your specific customer base.

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