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Abundant data is everywhere, knowing what to do with it is a bit more challenging. This is where our years of marketing expertise step in. We gather and interpret your company data along with 3rd-party data to create insights that lead to a unique marketing strategy.

“Most people use research as a drunk uses a lamppost – for support rather than illumination” - David Ogilvy


Data is collected based on consumers’ online and offline behaviors

Behaviors such as:

  • Consume website content
  • Buy products online
  • Search for information
  • Access phone apps
  • Watch videos online
  • Sign up for newsletters
  • Interact on social media
  • Plus MANY other activities



Data is organized into targetable segments

Segment examples:

  • Age 25-45
  • Children in Household
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Travel Intenders
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • In-Market for a Car
  • Beauty Product Buyers
  • Searched for Organic Foods


Advertisers can target ads to the most relevant audience segments.

  • Via desktop display & video, mobile display & video,
  • social posts,
  • native placements,
  • and more
  • Across the internet through our programmatic buying solutions

Social Analytics

Gather and analyze data from social media platforms to inform and guide your content strategy.

Communications Audit

Review existing marketing collateral to identify what drives results and what can be improved.

Website Analytics

Insight into website traffic data provides a benchmark of advertising success and segment behavior patterns.

Customer Analytics

Identify customer segment personas to target with digital advertising that encourages progress through the sales funnel.

Community Surveys

Survey communities to identify customer demographics and further understand your customer base.

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