What are Dynamic Car Ads

Dynamic creative ads utilize a programmatic advertising tool that delivers ads to potential auto buyers even before they visit your dealership website.  This is achieved through keyword searches and the contextual content your potential buyer is reading.

How do Dynamic Car Ads Work

A personalized digital ad displays your actual inventory when a prospective buyer searches for electric cars and reads up on the environmental benefits. Your ads can even match the make, model and color vehicle in which the buyer is interested.

Auto Dealer Benefits of Dynamic Car Ads

  • Visitors are not required to visit your dealership website before they are served a dynamically-generated ad showing your actual inventory
  • No integration with inventory software (which is required of many dynamic ad solutions)
  • Connections to buyer behavior so it can dynamically serve ads based on keywords searched and contextual content read
  • Efficiencies for both buyers and dealerships
  • Customizable car ads

Dynamic Car Ad Example

Dynamic Car Ad Example

Solvv Creative offers a turnkey dynamic advertising solution specifically for auto dealers that requires no integration to your inventory management system. This provides you with a powerful programmatic solution that is simple, quick to set up and delivers rapid ROI.

Contact us to discuss how dynamic car ad campaigns with an actionable call or click goal can target your specific customer base.

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