Should My Company Utilize HyperLocal Mobile Advertising

Yes! We believe hyperlocal mobile advertising should be included in all advertising campaigns.

Deliver your message to mobile users based on their physical location to encourage influence at the most opportune moment. Doug Burton, CEO of Solvv Creative an advertising agency in Madison, WI, says, “Hyperlocal advertising allows you to geo-fence your location, a stadium, a conference center, your competitors, and other relevant places. We are also able to create campaigns based on weather triggers such as heat, cold rain, etc.”

Benefits of HyperLocal Mobile Advertising

  • This digital tactic couples GPS functionality in smartphones with thousands of mobile apps and websites to reach a specifically selected audience based on precise locations.

Example of HyperLocal Mobile Advertising

  • A real estate agent is working with a family who wishes to sell their high-end home and would like to specifically target individuals who meet their buyer criteria.  With hyperlocal advertising, we are able to create geo-fences around homes selling for more than $1,000,000. We are also able to geo-fence the location of your direct competitors. The display ad will include click-to-call or click-to-map so an interested viewer is able to take immediate action.

Contact us to discuss how hyperlocal mobile advertising campaigns with an actionable call or click goal can target your specific customer base.

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