What Is Local SEO in Madison, WI?

In Madison’s online marketing landscape you can have the best website out there, but without a targeted local SEO strategy, very few people will see it. People typically don’t scroll past the first few pages that pop up when they do a search, you need to be one of the first names they see. Local SEO is an important strategy with organic SEO that involves a more specific subset of activities to make sure your business is optimized perfectly.

Local SEO is the practice of ensuring your site is optimized properly to mention your locations as well as adjusting title/meta tags to support this as well. From there, we look at external factors which are specific to what Google looks for when ranking a listing locally in both natural organic results and Google Map listings. Through link building and citation building we can influence search visibility over time.

Doug Burton, owner of Solvv Creative an ad agency in Madison, WI says, “Our specialty is to help small businesses, typically under $1 million in revenue, with their local SEO in Madison, WI.  We can also help companies with their local SEO strategy who may have locations across Wisconsin and Illinois.”

What Companies Get Wrong With Local SEO

  • Thinking that they can rank well with only worrying about their Google Map Listing alone
  • Ranking in locations that have no mention within the website or have a service area that is near their intended geography
  • Not focusing on making sure the business name, address and phone is consistent throughout
  • Not having a flushed out Google Map profile page with logos and images

What Every Local SEO Strategy Should Include

  • Making sure there is consistency with NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) across many web assets. Inconsistency of these aspects can cause map listings on Google to not show properly.
  • Creating local listings or “citations” on sites that Google trusts to find your listings, such as Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp and many more to provide more credit to the existence of your business to Google.
  • Getting reviews from your customers to rave about your products and services. Reviews are an important part of a customer’s decision making process. We can help you strategize how to get more reviews.

What Are Some SEO Services in Madison, WI for Small Businesses

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Site Speed Optimization

 What is the SEO Development Process

  • Discovery: Before we can fix or improve on something, we first have to see what is wrong. What is broken, what is missing, and what can be improved are all questions that need to be asked. What about your biggest competitors? Where does your business fit into the picture? Once we have a good understanding of the overall scenario, we need to dig deeper.
  • Analysis: This is simply taking the discovery to the next level and getting down to the nuts and bolts. We will look at how Google sees the site in terms of the website structure and the indexing. We determine the domain age and check the page rank.
  • Strategy: Based on all this detailed analysis, we can start to put a strategy in place. First, we decide on the best way to improve and optimize the site architecture and the page hierarchy. We then take a close look at the keywords and create an entirely new keyword campaign based on popularity and effectiveness. Content will also be evaluated to determine what changes and additions need to be made.
  • Marketing: We will follow SEO best practices using a range of white-hat techniques. We then discuss paid options, such as PPC and paid social media marketing as additional SEO tactics and if they are beneficial.
  • Optimization: Once all the homework is done and the strategy is in place, we can begin to implement the plan. We make the necessary on-page changes and optimizations and check that the tools Google Webmaster uses are addressed. We develop an effective link-building strategy using a range of options. Next, we ensure Google Analytics settings are in place so all activity is correctly tracked and measured.
  • Reporting: We want you to be able to see exactly what we are achieving and what progress has been made. We send you reports on the week-by-week ranking of your site, monthly link-building progress, and goal tracking within Google Analytics. We actively manage the keyword campaign for optimal performance and are always available to discuss SEO strategies to improve performance.

As a Small Advertising Agency in Madison, WI We Understand

Solvv Creative offers no long-term contracts and our owner, Doug Burton, will be your point person for your project. Many small and medium sized businesses don’t want to juggle multiple vendors. We can do just SEO, Web site design and SEO and even help maintain your website all in one place. SEO clients have the option of having basic website maintenance included at no extra charge.

Contact us to discuss how a strong SEO strategy can level the playing field even with your larger competitors.

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