Turning Our Mission Statement Into a Culture Through Servant Leadership

Solvv Creative strives to

Create a culture of continuous innovation and extreme customer focus driven by highly talented people.

Our commitment to you and our community

  1. We listen first, then weave your message into a compelling story
  2. Our work together will make a difference within our community
  3. No matter who sits down at the table with us, we make everyone feel welcome

We’ve built our company processes around servant leadership

For example, our entire team of planners, account managers, analysts, and media buyers are experienced and trained to provide you with superior customer experience – from education along the way or answers to tricky analytics questions to monitoring and tweaking your campaign to seek the best performance possible for you.

Our process below outlines our digital advertising campaign process, for clients big or small. It is an example of how we’ve successfully blended servant leadership values with our mission-driven values to create a process that places our customers and community first!

LISTEN: Marketing Research

We listen to gather and interpret your company data along with utilizing 3rd-party data to create insights that lead to us as a team building your unique marketing strategy. Our planning team works with you to identify your target audience and create a media plan designed to achieve your (KPI) Key Performance Indicators.

  • Social Analytics
  • Online Analytics
  • Communications Audit
  • Customer Analytics
  • Community Climate Surveys

DEFINE: Marketing Strategy

We then together define your marketing objectives to ensure your story resonates with your prospective audience, turning them into customers and customers into fans. We provide education and information on programmatic strategy and tactics that will best reach your audience.

  • Customer Segments
  • Buyer Personas
  • Message Mapping
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Unique Selling Proposition

CREATE: Set Up & Creative Guidance

If you wish for us to create your story visually our staff work with you to visually create your brand’s story that will resonate with your customer base encouraging movement through your sales process. Our account management team will prepare your campaign for launch and maintain communication with you to ensure all elements are on track to your satisfaction.

  • Content Creation
  • Graphics creative
  • Video Creative
  • Website Design
  • eNewsletter Design

SHARE: Tell Your Story

Doug Burton of Solvv Creative an advertising agency in Madison, WI says, “Our stories are what makes us unique. Your brand’s story is what makes your small business unique and it helps potential customers trust and become invested in you. Telling your brand’s story through digital advertising campaigns will immediately help set you apart from your competition.”

Real-time, monthly and full campaign reporting is available to you 24/7 through dynamic reporting dashboards online. Our team of experienced media buyers will carefully deploy and monitor your campaign and implement optimizations, throughout the flight, directing impressions to the best-performing exchanges, tactics, and sites.

  • Campaign Management
  • Cross-Channel / Any Device
  • Media Buy Auditing
  • Brand Safety
  • Scalable

Give me a call or email me directly to discuss how digital advertising could help your business, I would love to discuss your objectives, and share with you some ideas for how our cost-effective highly targeted campaigns will drive actionable-results.

Doug Burton

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