What Does IAB Certified Mean?

If you work in the a digital advertising industry you probably find it hard to describe your job, spitting out words like “programmatic”, “real-time targeting” or “IAB Certified” can sound really odd. We are often met with blank stares followed by, “What does that mean?” I’ll save programmatic and real-time targeting for another blog. So what does IAB Certified mean anyway?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Digital Data Solutions Certification is meant to prove individuals know their stuff when it comes to data-driven advertising practices such as programmatic buying and selling. It is designed for digital industry professionals with at least two years of experience in analytics and/or data management, as well as those who have a healthy understanding of data life-cycles, security, sources, transfer mechanisms and manipulation methods. To keep their credentials, certificate holders will be expected to meet continuing education requirements every two years.

“It will be popular,” predicted Laura McGarrity, vp of digital marketing for Mondo, a staffing service. “Data is huge and will be critical in determining customer behaviors and engagement strategies. Data is at the core of digital marketing, and any certification to help educate will be critical.” Patrick Dolan, evp and COO of IAB added, “This IAB program will address the change in skills required to operate in this new digital media environment.”

Is Solvv Creative IAB Certified

Yes, Solvv Creative is IAB certified meaning all of our ads are strictly monitored and verified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Doug Burton, Solvv Creative’s CEO an advertising agency in Madison, WI, says “Transparency is our top priority. Whether you’re interested in a general campaign overview or want us to create a customized report, we can update you on impressions, clicks, engagement, and key performance indicators in real-time.”

Our dynamic dashboard provides daily updated performance data for your campaign. You won’t have to call or email your service rep to find out about the status of your ad campaign. You can see the real-time results by pulling up your personalized dashboard in a web browser at any time, day or night.

  • Visualization of impressions, clicks, engagement (CTR), and conversions
  • Both Live month and historical monthly view of key performance indicators
  • Detailed graphs showcase engagement trends month to month and across dimensions
  • Ability to review how specific tactics, creative, and ad sizes are working in market
  • All accessible 24/7 online
  • Custom reporting including insights and recommendations available


Give me a call or email me directly to discuss how digital advertising could help your business, I would love to discuss your objectives, and share with you some ideas for how our cost-effective highly targeted campaigns will drive actionable-results.

Doug Burton

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